In summary:

Loan matching websites will pass your information off to 20 or more lenders to see if any of them are interested in working with you. You won’t have any idea which lenders have seen your information. The only information you will be given is whether one wants to do business with you or not.

Direct lenders will evaluate your application and tell you directly if they are interested in helping you with a loan.

When applying for a loan online, be sure you know which type of website you are using.


Payday Lenders Vs. Loan Matching Websites: Who Do You Trust With Your Information?

When navigating the saturated world of payday loan websites, for example short and long term installment loans you may find yourself confused as to what kind of website you are visiting and giving your personal information. We want you to know that there are at least two kinds of websites out there offering payday loans, and they are very different! The first type is an actual payday loan website representing a direct payday lender. These websites will process your information and let you know if you’ve been approved for a loan. Once you are approved, they will deposit the cash into your account.

The second is a loan matching website. These websites have an affiliation with several direct lenders, and they will attempt to match you with the best lender for your needs. This means they take the information you give them and send it to a large number of payday lenders in order to find one that works for your situation.

It’s very important to make this distinction before applying for a payday loan online. The information you input is valuable, and if you don’t want it going to several different payday lenders, then you will want to avoid loan matching websites. We’ve put together a few helpful details to inspect in order to distinguish the kind of website you are visiting before inputting your personal information.

There are a number of key terms to look for when investigating the type of website you are visiting. Loan matching websites often use the phrase “our lenders” to refer to the group of payday lenders they are associated with. They may also say they will “identify lenders” that can offer you a loan. The important detail here is the usage of the plural. If they refer in any way to a group of lenders, then they are not one particular lender themselves, and therefore will be sharing your information with several parties that are not revealed to you until after you have given them your personal data.

Actual payday lenders will usually refer to themselves in the first person, using terms like “we” and “our” to describe loans and offers. They will also often tout the length of time they have been in business in order to assure you that they are a trustworthy and reliable lender. Along the same line, they will frequently have extensive “about us” sections detailing the company’s history and goals. In addition, you can usually contact these lenders directly at a specific phone number if you have any questions. Lastly, if you’ve seen the company offering loans through actual payday loan stores, then you know it is a direct lender.

Many loan matching companies attempt to masquerade as direct lenders, but at some point you will see the term “loan matching” on their websites. While these websites can be useful, because they give you a chance at 20 to 40 different lenders, the process isn’t transparent. Your information will be given to all of these lenders in an attempt to find the right match. However, you don’t have the opportunity to choose from each of these lenders.

If you want to choose a lender for yourself, you will need to contact a payday loan lender by using the key distinctions we outline here. No matter what, we encourage you to educate yourself and be aware of the type of company you are working with before you trust them with your contact information and personal data.