By way of introduction, I’m not an HLM

On the other hand, I have enough of a negative opinion of m*lti-l*vel m*rketing that I know I’ll never join one.
I’m interested in the topic because I’ve noticed a lot of signs around my city advertising “WORK FROM HOME” and promising $1500 to $5000 per month. (Yeah, right.) I’ve noticed that some of them go to sites that are part of Newest Way to Wealth, others go to “Home Business System International”, and others go to “Vision Marketing. (I mention these names only for reference — NOT to promote them.) None of these sites ever mention what business people will get into, but by doing a little Web searching I’ve discovered that most of the people mentioned in the success stories are members of Herbalife’s President’s Team, Chairman’s Club, or Millionaire Team.
I have enough of a problem with multilevel marketing’s existence, but I have more of a problem with the signs. They’re basically stealing free advertising and cluttering up my neighborhood. (If you’re interested in the sign problem, check out Citizens Against Ugly Street Spam at http://www.causs.org .)
Meanwhile, I’m wondering a few things about the way these schemes perpetuate themselves, and I’m hoping some people can help:
1. How much do the people at the top of the pyramid promote posting signs? Is it a required part of the package, strongly encouraged, or simply one of those optional things? (Of course, they probably say, “Well, you don’t have to post the signs, but you’ll make a WHOLE LOT MORE MONEY with them!”)
2. Do they ever mention anything about the signs being illegal?
3. Once you get the “decision package” for $36 or $40, does it tell you what business you’ll be involved in?
If not, how many more packages do you have to buy before they actually tell you it’s “Herbalife”?
4. Do you have to order the signs and the voice mail boxes and the like from the people in the pyramid? I know there are local companies that make signs and who provide voice mail boxes, but I’m sure the people in the “system” would rather sell these products at a higher price.
Thanks for any information you can provide. I’m mainly trying to get some background information, so I can perhaps tell code enforcement people what’s really going on with these signs. If you’d rather not post the information here, you can e-mail me.