Welcome To the ADVANCE Community of Practice!

Welcome to the ADVANCE Implementation Mentors (AIM) Network home page. The AIM Network currently consists of over 100 ADVANCE Change Leaders (e.g., PI’s/Program Directors/Coordinators) representing more than 70 National Science Foundation ADVANCE funded projects throughout the United States.

 AIM Network Goal –  to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the national ADVANCE efforts by establishing an ADVANCE Community of Practice (CoP).  To this extent, the AIM Network seeks to provide ADVANCE change agents with information,  mentoring, and professional development.

Women of Color (WOC) Allies and Partners Project Goal –   to provide the ADVANCE community, especially the AIM Network members, with training and tools to be active allies and partners to STEM faculty women of color, thus facilitating academic institutional support critical to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of all STEM faculty women.


Sensemaking about Why Faculty Leave: Policy Impact on Faculty Outside Offers

O'Meara arms crossedCheck out Kerry Ann O’Meara, Ph.D. and her colleague’s latest work on policy impact and faculty outside offers:  “Half-Way Out:  How Requiring Outside Offers to Raise Salaries Influences Faculty Retention and Organizational Commitment,” and “To Heaven or Hell:  Sensemaking about Why Faculty Leave.”  Kerry Ann will discuss this work at the next AIM Network monthly meeting (Tuesday, February 10, 2015) in a presentation entitled:  Stop, Don’t, Go, Please:  Retention and How our Policies & Work Environments Shape it.  

Kerry Ann is Co-PI and Co-Director of the University of Maryland’s ADVANCE IT grant. KerryAnn’s recent work has focused on the retention and advancement of women faculty, faculty professional growth, reform of promotion and tenure systems, and organizational practices that advance engaged scholarship and equity in faculty workload. Her research has been widely published, appearing in the Journal of Higher Education, Review of Higher Education, Research in Higher Education Journal, and Handbook for Higher Education Research among other venues.


Invisible but Essential: The Role of Professional Networks in Promoting Faculty Agency in Career Advancement

Check out this new paper on the importance of social networking by Elizabeth Niehaus & KerryAnn O’Meara (2014)!  You can also access this work through the AIM Network Interest Group in the Women in STEM Knowledge Center!

Looking for STEM Minority Data?

Transition % Between Educational Levels for Race-Ethnic Groups (Garrison, 2013)

Transition % Between Educational Levels for Race-Ethnic Groups (Garrison, 2013)

If you have been looking for the most recent race-ethnicity data in STEM, look no further!  Underrepresentation by Race-Ethnicity across Stages of US Science and Engineering Education (Garrison, 2013)

Mission Possible: Empowering Institutions with Strategies for Change

AACU_PR_SP14_Cov_100HOT OFF THE PRESS!  In the most recent AACU Peer Review just released (Spring 2014, Vol. 16, No. 2) our AIM Network colleagues, Jasna Jovanovic and Mary Armstrong, share the results of their ADVANCE PAID grant to explore the impact of ADVANCE grant efforts for women of color.

“As majority women now move forward in STEM fields at a pace exceeding that of women of color, the need to understand this disparity and find successful ways to support URM women in STEM is more urgent than ever.”

Interestingly, Jovanovic and Armstrong state,  “interventions aimed at supporting URM women and increasing diversity in STEM may fail to create institutional spaces where complex, intertwined subordinations can be sufficiently articulated…[and i]nstead, the distinct needs and voices of the very people whose experiences lie at the juncture of multiple identities are effectively erased.”  Read more here:  http://www.aacu.org/peerreview/pr-sp14/Jovanovic.cfm